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About Us

We provide bookkeeping, accounting, taxation, and payroll services for people who use Sage software, such as Sage 50 Accounting, Sage 100, etc. Our accounting, taxation, and human resource professionals have the required credentials and experience to help you through the issues that you’re facing.

Bookkeeping & Accounting

Our bookkeeping and accounting experts will set up your chart of accounts and help you to record transaction, create & send invoices, manage customers & vendors, create financial statements, and integrate online services with your Sage software.

Financial Analysis and Auditing

Our experts audit your books and root out any errors. To extract valuable insights from your accounting data, you can get in touch with our financial analysts who can prepare reports such as balance sheet, profit & loss, and bank reconciliation.

Tax Preparation & Filing

Our experts can guide you to easily fill and file your taxes using the various online services available. We offer services for both personal and business tax preparation and filing. If you struggle with preparing your taxes, or don’t know how to file them online, then get in touch with our tax experts.

Benefits of using our services:

There are many benefits to having a tax preparation service from our company.

  • First, it can save you time and money. With the help of a tax preparation service, you can avoid having to do your own taxes, which can be time-consuming and difficult.
  • Second, our tax preparation service can help ensure that your taxes are done correctly and completely. This can help you avoid penalties and interest payments, as well as ensure that you receive the best possible tax return.
  • Finally, our tax preparation service can offer guidance and support throughout the entire process, which can make the process more enjoyable and less confusing.