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Sage 50 Downgrade Conversion Service

Downgrading software is to change the continuing Sage version into an old version. It comprises deleting the unwanted improved features from the latest version for ease of use and boosting the speed of the same.

When you downgrade Sage 50 version into an old version like Quantum to Premium or Quantum to Pro, often it turns into a big savior. Thus, it can be said that downgrade is the opposite of the upgrade or update.

At present, Sage 50 does not offer any specific facility to downgrade a company file to any degraded version. In today’s article, we will talk about some of best ways that can help you downgrade your particular Sage 50 version. With the help of the steps mentioned below, you will be empowered to convert and shift your company data to any downgraded version of Sage 50.

Let’s learn in detail what Sage 50 Downgrade Conversion is.

What is Sage 50 Downgrade Conversion?

Sage 50 Downgrade Conversion comprises eliminating from the present version the improved features that seemed unwanted by the user. It is done to simplify the ease of use and to boost the speed.

What are Instances When Sage 50 Downgrade Conversion Becomes Compulsory?

Sage 50 downgrade conversion becomes crucial in some scenarios mentioned below:

  • While updating to an improved version, often we encounter capability problems with the given interface.
  • Often it happens that after you have upgraded to a better version, the software performance gets impacted severely and does not meet the expectation of the users. In such a scenario, downgrading to a lesser version is the best option.
  • Sometimes, the higher version of Sage 50 turns out to be complex. Thus, it becomes difficult to function.
  • Once updated to a higher version, often the internal extensions often do not function as expected.
  • Often, Some legal disputes erupt, compelling the present organization to change the current Sage 50 version into an older one.

How to Accomplish Sage 50 Downgrade Conversion?

Here are the step-by-step process to downgrade from Quantum, Sage 50 Premium to Pro:

Convert the File

If you wish to downgrade to Sage 50 pro, it is important that you export your particular Company data first. Such data include transactions, lists, and reports. After this, you must import them into the downgraded version, Sage 50 Pro.

Export Data from Sage Premium

Here are the steps to export data from Sage Premium:

  • Go to the File section.
  • Choose the option titled Import/Export.
  • Now select the Template to utilize, in regard to the exporting data.
  • Press the Export option.
  • Press the Filter tab to mention the data you need to export.
  • Now, You need to mention the order of the fields where the data must be exported.
  • Mention the Date Range in regard to the exporting data.
  • Click the checkboxes close to each of the fields you want to add in the exported file.
  • If you require, It is possible to drag and drop the respective files and edit the order.
  • If you require to add a heading for every fields in the file that is exported, press on the Option tab and press Include Heading.
  • Press Save.
  • Provide a good name to the Template.
  • Press and wait till the time the template validation process is finished.
  • Now repeat the method for every report and list.

Import Data into the Sage Pro

Please follow the process to import data into the Sage Pro:

  • Go to the File Section.
  • Choose the option called Import/Export.
  • Now select the Template to use in Regard to the Exporting Data.
  • Navigate to the Fields.
  • Click the checkboxes close to every field you want to add in the imported file. If you require, you can arrange the fields to change their particular order by pressing on the Move button.
  • Utilize the arrow button to choose the file you wish to import.
  • Now press the option, First Row Contains Heading.
  • Now press on the Save tab.
  • Lastly, Press on OK to start the import process.

We hope that the easy steps mentioned above will help you all the way for a successful Sage 50 downgrade conversion. All you need to do is follow the steps in the given sequence. If you face any problem in conducting the steps, or if you have any question regarding the steps, feel free to ask us.

Our team of expert Sage technicians will help you all the way. They have handled such problems with ease several times.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Benefit of Downgrading Sage 50 Premium to Sage 50 Pro?

The downgrading conversion solves several Sage 50 error messages such as the Sage 50 Company is not able to Open with Sage 50 Premium Accounting, since the company file is Sage 50 Pro accounting.

If I require an Audit Trail along with Advanced Budgeting in the Sage 50 Premium, will Downgrading help?

Yes. Downgrading will help since it offers a host of features such as:

• Change Order Processing
• Audit Trail
• Open Multiple Companies
• Departmentalized Financial Statements
• Archive Company Data
• Company Consolidation Wizard
• Job Costing-Phase & Cost Level
• Advanced Budgeting

Can I Run Two Separate Sessions of Sage 50 on one System?

Yes, It is possible to two different Sage 50 version on one same computer system. It is possible to switch between the versions with ease.

Do Sage 50 Pro and Sage 50 Premium Accounting have the Same Features?

Yes. Sage 50 Pro and Sage 50 Premium Accounting have almost identical features. Not to mention, it comprises of advanced features and tools concerning inventory, management, analysis that are not added in the Pro version.