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Sage 50 Read Only Error

Sage accounting software plays a significant role in the accounting management of a business enterprise. However, it is not free of errors. Sage 50 is one such error.

As per the Sage 50 error, that says, Cannot Open the Company File. The company file may not be present in the directory, kindly check the path.

This is a common issue concerning Sage Accounting software and often arises when the right version of Sage 50 Accounting software is being used to open the data file but not the company.

But when there are problems within the program, there are ways to fix such issues. In today’s article we will learn how to fix the Sage 50 read-only error, but before that let’s learn what the causes of this error are.

What Causes the Sage 50 Read Only Error?

Here is the list of the reasons that give rise to this Sage 50 read-only error:

  • Several database files along with attributes are transformed into the Read-Only mode
  • The accounting software lacks adequate permissions to use the location where the particular data is stored and saved
  • After the backup is created, the company file shuts down. However, it is still operating in the background
  • The problems in the .Net framework or Windows
  • The financial data of the company is stored on read-only media, for instance, DVD, CD, etc.

What are the Steps to Fix the Sage 50 Read Only Error?

Here are the steps to fix the Sage 50 read-only error:

Solution 1: Inadequate Permissions to Access the Financial Data Location

Step 1: Use Your Sage Program as an Administrator

  • First, You need to close the Sage 50 software once.
  • Now press right-click on the icon for Sage 50.
  • Make a new Administrator account.
  • Now try to open the particular company file.
  • Include permissions and then shift the data to a new location on the given hard drive
  • Navigate to the Computer folder and locate the .SAJ and .SAI folders. Make a new folder named, For Everyone, on your system.
  • Check if there is any hidden file or folder in the .SAJ folder.
  • Now, When you attempt opening a company data file, attempt a different file.

Step 2: Shift the Data to a Place Where it can be used

  • Choose the location where the data is stored and saved
  • Select the Sage 50 Data file and the equivalent SAJ folder. Click the Control key while clicking the data file
  • Choose the right one and select the cut option
  • Shift it to a place that can be accessed very easily
  • Press right-click and choose the paste option
  • Now in the new location, Open the Company file by selecting the company file

Step 3: Recover and Reinstate from the Backup Copy to a New Folder Location

After it is recovered, restore the provided backup file into a new folder destination that can be created in the C Drive.

Step 4: Change the Permission of the Folder that includes the Company Data

  • Press right-click on the provided folder that includes all the financial data
  • Choose Properties. Now select Security Tab
  • Navigate to Edit and if prompted, enable permissions in the UAC
  • Select or Add to the particular user group
  • Give permission to the particular user group to edit and write the folder
  • Open the Sage Program and enable to use the company data

Solution 2: Data File Attributes Arranged to Read Only

  • Choose the folder where the valuable company data is saved.
  • Press right-click on the Sage 50 Data file. Now choose Properties.
  • Now uncheck the attribute, Read-Only in case it is checked. Now choose Apply.
  • Press right-click on the particular SAJ folder. Now choose Properties.
  • Now uncheck the Read-Only attribute in case it is checked. Now choose Apply.
  • Choose Apply Changes to this folder, files, and subfolders.
  • Press OK.

Solution 3: Encoded Folder or File

  • Choose the Company file saved destination.
  • Choose Properties.
  • Choose the General Tab and select Advanced.
  • Delete the encoded content to safeguard the data checkbox.
  • Press OK.

Note: In case the file names are in green text and not black text, it states that the file is encrypted.

Solution 4: .NET or Windows Framework Issue

In case the solutions provided above do not fix the problem, attempt opening a sample company. If you receive the exact error, you might have an issue with your system. You need to get in touch with local IT support to troubleshoot your Windows.

Solution 5: Incorrect Icon

  • Approve that you are using the right application.
  • If you are accessing the program from the provided taskbar, you must right-click and choose the option, Unpin from Taskbar.
  • Once it is completed, Now pin a new version.

Solution 6: Running mysqld.exe in the Provided Task Manager ignites Issues

  • Users should sign out of Sage.
  • Navigate to the Task Manager on the provided server and now ensure, Show processes from all the users, is chosen in the given drop-down menu.
  • Once it is complete, In the Processes tab, end all the MySqlD.exe process.
  • After the complete process, You must open the workstations once more.

Solution 7: Review the Missing or Hidden Folders

  • Navigate to the company file placed on the location panel.
  • Search for the .SAJ folder and then ensure all the crucial folders and files are there.

Solution 8: Review the Network Connectivity

  • Ensure that have access to the particular drive prior to using the software
  • In case you are working on some files over the network and do not require access to the mapped network drive, Check the connection.

Solution 9: Review the File in Sage Drive or Remote Data Access

  • Find the Welcome screen.
  • Press Connect to a shared company.
  • Select the checkbox labelled Appropriate Company.
  • Press on the Connect button.

We hope that this article has answered all your queries related to the Sage 50 Read-Only error. If you still have any queries, connect with use via LIVE CHAT.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Important Instructions you must Follow Before Troubleshooting?

Here are the instructions one must follow before troubleshooting the Sage 50 Read-Only error:

• Press the Antivirus icon to verify it is not on
• Discontinue all the VPN services in the network
• In case the sample company does not open, you need to delete it and then install it again. Press on the Windows taskbar icon, enter Malware bytes in the provided search field, and press on Start Scan in order to initiate a scan on your computer.

What is the Solution for the Error, Sage 50 Cannot Open Company File. The File is Presently used by a Different Application?

To solve this error, you need to upgrade the Sage 50 product for the right Serial Number.