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Sage One Canada Login Error, Issue & Forget Password

The Sage One Canadian edition login page serves as an entrance page that requires user identity and authentication. To access the whole accounting system, registered Sage One CA users must input their usernames and passwords. It entails updating data, changing the password, etc.

It occasionally happens that the system will raise an error message when you are logging into Sage One. As a result, you will get to see Sage One User Name and Password Not Working. The post that follows discusses the troubleshooting procedures you may use to fix the login and password problem. Although Sage One’s accounting software performs admirably, you may occasionally run across problems.

Causes Behind Sage One User Name and Password Not Working

The reasons behind the Sage One User Name and Password not performing are highlighted below:

  • You are accessing the Software using the wrong credentials.
  • You don’t have a license that is current.
  • The usernames and passwords are case-sensitive. You must verify each possible variation, such as Admin, ADMIN, or admin.
  • Connectivity is poor.
  • Make sure that User Account Control (UAC) is activated.
  • This issue may potentially have been caused by corrupted corporate files.
  • There might be some third-party software programs on your PC that cause issues.

Tips to Fix User Name and Password Not Working Problems with Sage One

Step 1: Verification of User License

  • Access the Organization’s Administrator mode by Logging in.
  • Then click the “Maintain” button.
  • After that, Choose “User“.
  • Following this, Select “Security Set Up” by tapping.
  • Next to the user name, Click the “OK” button to reveal the licensing area.

Step 2: Checking for the Veracity of the Company Files

  • You should Launch the Software First.
  • Following that, Select “Browse“.
  • This makes it Simpler to Search the Firm Records in the Future.
  • When you do, Simply tap “Company File” to Quickly Retrieve Your File.

Step 3: Restoration of File Backup Before Moving Ahead with Conversion

  • Search for the file you want to convert.
  • After clicking on the file you wished to convert, select “Restore” from the menu that appears.
  • Open the browser after that, then choose the file that needs to be backed up.
  • Click on “Open“.
  • From the options listed below, you may then select the procedure type.
    • Rewrite any current data in your organization.
    • A business that is already running
  • Using the Recovered File, You are now required to Create a New Corporation.
  • Simply Press “Ok.”
  • Following this, Choose the “Next” button
  • Following that, You will find alternatives such as Web Transactions, Customizable Forms, Intelligence Reports for Your Organization, and Corporate Data.
  • Click on “OK
  • Select “Restore” from the menu

Step 4: Disabling the User Account Control (UAC)

  • You have to Click on “Start” First.
  • You have to Move on to the Control Panel.
  • Aim for the “Change User Account Control Settings“.
  • Set the Bar to “Never Notify” When they are Located by Clicking on it.
  • Click the “OK” Key.

Steps to Follow When User Name and Password are Incorrect While Opening a Company into Sage One


  • Password or Username Incorrect or Forgotten
  • Users might presume that a password is longer than seven characters even if Sage One accepts passwords with seven characters starting in 2022.
  • Database Problems

Option 1: Login Possible with Sysadmin with 2022 but not 2023

  • You must First Enter Sysadmin as the User Name.
  • Only the First Seven Characters of Your known Password must be Entered in the 2023.0 Version.
    • In order to Prevent Password Misunderstanding, You can Modify your Password in the 2022 Version to be 7 Characters or Fewer.
    • Enter Your new Password for Administrator When you Switch to 2023.

Option 2: The Error Persists Despite Entering Known sysadmin Password

  • In the event that Your System Administrator Doesn’t Know the Password, You can get a new one by Contacting Customer Service.
  • If the Password Reset doesn’t Succeed, Restore from a Recent Backup Stored on a Local Disk.

Option 3: Login Possible with sysadmin But Not with Another Username

  • Use Sysadmin as the Corporate Login Username.
  • You must then Choose Setup and then Set Up Users.
  • The Sysadmin Password must then be Entered, Followed by the OK Button.
  • Opt for Edit after Choosing User.
  • You have to Repeatedly Enter the Password.
    • The Password Length Restriction is 7 Characters as of 2022 and After.
    • The Password can be Longer than 7 Characters with 2023.0 and Later Versions.
  • You have to Click on OK and then Close.

What are Some Tips to Reset the Sage One Default Admin Password?

You may quickly reset your Manager Password if you ever forget it by using the methods below.

Step 1: Access Permissions should only be enabled for Particular Users

  • Click the Settings menu item.
  • Click the Company Preferences button.
  • Opt for Finally Parameters
  • In the “Others” column, choose the Access Rights checkbox.
  • Click OK to finish.

Step 2: Reset the Manager Password if You Can’t Recall

  • Follow Settings -> User Management -> Change the Password
  • Provide the Password that you know (Already Existing)
  • Click on the “OK” Bar
  • Fill up the Password
  • Enter your New Password to Narrow Down Everything.
  • Next, Enter the Security Question.
  • To Assist with Password Resets in the Future, Enter a Response if Necessary.
  • Click “Ok” to Finish.

Step 3: Creating a New User

Versions 27 and above and versions 26 and lower utilize different methods for creating users in Sage One cloud Accounts.

Sage One Cloud Accounts v27 and Higher

  • You have to log in to the Manager Account on Sage One.
  • Select the Settings Tab by Tapping it.
  • Then look for “User Management.
  • Tap Users to Continue.
  • Choose the Proper User Type from the List, Which includes Standard, Accountant, Bookkeeper, and Administrator, by clicking New.
  • Click the Continue button.
  • You have to Continue and Select the Software Sections that you want the Users to Access:
    • To do this, You must Tick the Boxes Adjacent to the Precise Places.
    • Tap the Arrow Next to the Place you want to Provide Access to in order to Assign Access to Certain Functions there.
    • Choose All, then Click Continue to provide Access to Every Section.
  • Tap Allow Remote Access if Remote Data Access is Permitted to Enable Remote Data Navigation for the User.
  • Examine the User Summary, Then Click Save.
  • On the List, the User Name Appears along with the User Type and Level of Access.
  • By Pressing the Close Button, you may Finish by Closing this Window.

Sage One Cloud Accounts v26 and Higher

  • Access Sage 50 Cloud Accounts as the Manager by Logging in.
  • Go to the Menu Bar and Select Settings.
  • Afterward, Permit Access Rights.
  • Finally, Touch Close after Selecting OK.

Is it Possible to Change the Sage One CA User’s Access Rights?

To accomplish the task, you have to follow the steps below:

  • Yes, to do this, First Choose the User Right that has to be Changed.
  • Pick the Named Button. Modify User Rights.
  • The user rights page will appear.
  • Adjust the User’s Password Now and Choose Full Access, None, or Selected Access if Necessary to Change the User’s Security Level.
  • In the Event that you Choose None or Full Access, Click the OK Button.
  • The Users Window will Reappear.
  • Choose Selected Access and then Press the Next Button.
  • Selected Access Window will Show Up.
  • It Enables Selecting the Necessary Sage 50 Section to Access.


The article delves into Sage One Canada login issue, errors and forgets passwords. You get to know about the steps that you have to follow to resolve the issues.

However, if you are unable to understand the steps, then you should take the help of a professional Sage expert. And if you have further queries related to Sage One login and password issues, you should get in touch with our expert team.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why was My Account Restricted?

When you attempt to log in repeatedly with an erroneous password, It is a typical problem. The suspicious activity’s email address will be sent to you through a link. In order to view the Sage accounting file, you can unlock the account and log back in. Additionally, Sage One Cloud Hosting enables teamwork and multiple login locations for users.

What is the Sage One’s Default Password?

The Sage account login credential details are highlighted below:

Login Name: Manager
Password: The Password is Not Specified by Default.

How to Alter Permissions in Sage One?

Step 1: Under the Group or User Name area, select the edit button.

Step 2: Select the user’s Group in the Permissions Panel, Then Uncheck the Boxes Next to the Modify and Write Checkboxes to provide Complete Power.

Step 3: After Selecting the Apply Option, Press Ok.

How to View the Users on Sage One?

You should do so by following the instructions below:

● In the Grid in the User List Tab’s Middle, Choose the User.
● Select the Tab Labeled “View User’s Rights“.

How Many Sage One Licenses Can I Have?

A total of five Sage One licenses are permitted. You may make extra licenses accessible by activating the serial number on each single-user Sage One computer in your office. Simply said, if you activate all five single-user units, you will receive a total of five licenses.